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Thursday 1st March 8.30pm
Bicton Folk Session featuring St Davids Day
An evening of impromptu acoustic music performed by
some of East Devon’s amazing folk musicians.If you sing
or play come along and join in. The evening will include a
some Welsh poems read by local poet David Burk
Saturday 3rd March 5pm
Reefs of Moonshine.
Enjoy the amazing sound of duo Reefs of Moonshine when
Lisa’s angelic voice is complemented by Nick’s
professional guitar playing. The duo will perform new
arrangements of popular melodic songs....drawn from the
worlds of folk, country and soul music.
Sunday 4th March 5pm
Tim Royce & Steve Songi
Craftsman guitar playing complemented by smoky vocals,
Tim and Steve stamp their original sound onto a huge
repertoire of music ranging from 60s & 70s rock and pop,
50’s rock 'n' roll, country, and jukebox favourites through to
stompin' 20s & 30s jazz, jive and blues classics.
Thursday 8th February 9pm
Open Mic Night
Enjoy an evening of music from anyone who would like to
come along and perform in this relaxed atmosphere. The
monthly event has included a wide range of musical genres
from classical to pop and performances from solo singers,
instrumental ensembles and poets. So if you have a musical
talent to share please come along and join in.
Saturday 10th March 5pm
Guy Somefield
Popular singer/songwriter Guy will be performing his unique
renditions of covers and original songs featuring his
charismatic vocal, 12 string guitar and harmonica. Guy will
be playing a mixture of folk, rock and pop ballads together
with some of his own brilliant songs.
Sunday 11th March 5pm
Nine Pound Catfish
With Graham Butterfield & Ian Gardner on guitars,
mandolin, banjo and vocals & Jane Gardner singing and
playing washboard, bells, hooters, whistles &
spoons,.They perform a mix of hokum, ragtime blues and
old country music, mainly from the twenties and thirties.
Thursday 15th - Sunday 18th March
Rugby Beer Festival
A 4 day beer festival to celebrate the finale of the 6 Nations
Rugby featuring no less than 20 rugby themed real ales for
you to enjoy. There will be live music throughout the
festival and of course the 5thy round matches will be
Thursday 15th March 8.30pm
Rugby Beer Festival
Open Folk Night
An open session featuring folk, country and indie acoustic
music hosted by Exmouth’s favourite balladeer Becky
Brooks. Anyone can come and join in the fun, perform solo
or as part of the group.
Friday 16th March 8.30pm
Rugby Beer Festival
Laurie Ward & Friends
Musician singer/songwriter Laurie is a talented young artist
who has been writing and performing music since he was 7
years old. Today Laurie, together with friends, will be
performing an eclectic mix from reggae to folk, rock to
ballads and some of his own brilliant songs.
Saturday 17th March 5pm
Rugby Beer Festival
St Patricks Day Celebration with The Balcony Band
Celebrate St Patricks day in style with the amazing
Balcony Band who will be playing a selection of lively Irish
folk music.
Saturday 17th March 9pm
Talented German singer/songwriter Daniela Ruettinger
performs a selection of popular ballads both old and new. 
Her beautiful singing is perfectly complimented by her
competent guitar playing when she performs a selection of
folk, rock and indie covers together with some of her own
brilliant songs.
Sunday18th March 5pm
Fire Exit
If you enjoy chilled, traditional jazz you will love Fire Exit.
Talented jazz stalwarts Martin Nichols, Bob King, Charlie
Hernshaw, Paul Barnham will be performing a selection of
beautiful, chilled jazz standards- perfect for a Sunday
Sunday18th March 9pm
Guy Somerfield
Popular singer/songwriter Guy will again be performing his
unique renditions of covers and original songs featuring his
charismatic vocal, 12 string guitar and harmonica. Guy will
be playing a mixture of folk, rock and pop ballads together
with some of his own brilliant songs.
Thursday 22nd Marchy 8.30pm
Bicton Folk Night
Exmouth Shanty Man Derek Brooks invites you to join him and
friends for a traditional folk night when a varied selection of
singers and musicians perform. If you sing or play an
instrument why not come along and join in the session?
Otherwise enjoy listening to a selection of lively acoustic
music which usually includes lots of jolly jigs, reels and airs
Saturday 24th March 5pm
Joe Whibley, Jacob Hillman, Dave Hare & Friends
Virtuoso guitarist Joe Whibley, dynamic pianist, singer
songwriter Jacob Hillman and violin wizard Dave Hare when
they bring you their unique interpretations of popular rock
classics and songs from artists as diverse as the Scissor
Sisters, System of a Down, Alt-J, and David Bowie,
together with some brilliant originals.
Sunday 25th March 5pm
Ian Luther
Amazing singer/guitarist and songwriter Ian Luther
performs an eclectic of mix popular folk, blues and rock.
Thursday 29th March  9pm
Amazing young Exmouth band Telstar has so far had
rapturous receptions wherever they’ve appeared.  Their
vibrant set includes a range of numbers from the likes of
The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Killers, Green Day, Blink
182, Muse and The Who
Saturday 31st March 5pm
Rob Wheaton
A mix of beautiful songs from this talented Seaton based
The Bicton Inn Exmouth